Zetin Audio is a creator of handmade, quality microphones that are comparable to the famous German made industry standard with a similar name, but have a better noise floor and are a lot easier on the ears, especially in the high end. And they come in at less than 1/3 of the price of the industry standard mic. I introduce to you, the Z87…please check out the website to learn more about it and about why I am qualified to be making microphones that are worth paying attention to. Also, it includes a high pass filter, which is pretty much standard for any voiceover recording. The frequency of this filter is lower than that of the current industry standard, so this mic helps preserve warmth on the low end.

Purchase the mic:

The microphone is $900 plus CA sales tax, which is not much compared to the mic it is modeled after. I accept Paypal, but it takes a large percentage for every transaction, so I'd rather avoid that; instead I can accept a check or you can use a credit card (which takes out less of a percentage).  So, if you wish to purchase one or setup a time to try one out, use the contact form in the About Me->Contact page, or email me at 

SebastianZetin@gmail.com. I would prefer payment by check, since that does not take out fees, but check out the "Purchase Page" for other options.

Engineering Services:

I also do home studio setups (mainly for audiobook and voiceover artists) and record/mix/master music and have a pretty impressive home studio. Please see the pages relating to these topics to learn more. My studio is called Little Home Studio v2.0, because it is a home studio, but has a lot more than you would expect from the typical home studio.

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