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First, let me say that I am a very humble person, perhaps to a fault. I am including this section only because I think you may want to know about what makes me qualified to make mics and why my ideas of what makes an ideal mic into something you would want to have.

I have been a sound engineer for over 8 years, engineering audiobooks and various music projects. My interest in electronics started when i was around 13, learning a LOT from my grandfather who was an electrical engineer. I started with ham radio and achieved the highest license available to anyone by the age of 14 and this required passing all kinds of Morse Code tests as well as tests regarding proper use and upkeep of the components of a ham radio. It is extremely rare to reach this level at such a young age, but I guess I had it in my blood.

I attended the Recording Institute of Technology at Musician’s Institute and graduated top of my class. I then worked as an intern for old-school sound engineer who taught me how to set up and  fix things in studios followed by a job as a runner at the world famous Conway Studios (NOT an easy position to get).

Then, when I decided I wanted to do something more with myself, I moved onto the audiobook business. I finally found a place where I felt I could do a great job and feel appreciated and my incredible attention to detail would come in handy.

Here is a little pic of me (we had to do head-shots for the studio I work at...thought you might want to see who you are dealing with). I am not trying to "show off" how I look or anything. : )