​Home Studio Setup:


I have setup many home studios for use for voiceover and audiobooks. I can help choose a great sounding mic (I have a lot of experience with various mics, and bringing that knowledge to the table will help me choose the right one for your voice quickly). I also have a particular channel strip and noise gate combination that will help make your raw audio sound like it has already been edited.


If you choose, I can hand-make the cabling. Many people say to go with "gold plated" connectors, but those are not all they appear. I guarantee that a hand-made cable will sound perfect, with a minimum of noise and has a special strain-reduction connector, so that when you plug/unplug the cable, no strain will be put on the cable, which is the source of 99% of cable breakage problems.


I do everything but build the booth. That is up to you. But I can help you setup the software and audio interface and get good levels. My 8-9 years of experience in audiobook recording (and 18 or so years of work in electronics and audio recording) will help me to help you get the very best out of every piece of gear at your disposal. I will help you get levels and help you setup your compressor and EQ and gate/expander, if you have one. Or else, I will help get a proper signal level on the preamp of your audio interface.


One limitation: I don't build booths. Not out of unwillingness (I wish I had some mastery of the art of booth building) but because I simply don't know how and there are people who have been doing it for years at a competitive price…and I have been focusing my energy on learning the art of mic building, so you'll have to look elsewhere for a booth builder. I know of a couple who do quality work that I could refer you to.


If you are far away or out of state, I will have to bill for travel time, $20/hour if within driving distance, or $500/day plus airfare if out of state. I wish i didn't have to bill for this, but transportation out of L.A. by road is really a nightmare and traveling out of state costs a lot of money, plus I would have to find someone to cover for me at my other jobs and take care of my puppy etc. So it is no small thing. But I will work hard once I am there.


My fee for home studio setup, locally, is $40/hour. And you can pay by any of the methods as buying the mic...check is preferred, but I also take Paypal and can swipe your credit card to pay that way, if you'd like.