​Purchase Page:

The Z87 microphone is $900 plus sales tax. Paypal seems to take a percentage of all transactions that go through it, so I'd prefer to do it the old fashioned way and be sent a check. But I can also take Paypal (which takes a fairly big percentage out of my money) or credit card by Square. If you'd like to pay by credit card, message me with your email address and I will create and send an invoice you can pay with credit card.

For music recording/mixing/mastering, I charge $40/hour, but am very quick at getting quality results (see my Music Engineering page). I can take check, cash, or credit card.

Home studio setup is also $40/hour, but one really good thing I got out of being an intern at Conway Studios (a world class and very famous studio, catering to major music industry artists) was the ability to learn to set things up extremely quickly and efficiently. This ends up working to my disadvantage at times, because obviously the longer I spend setting you up the more money I get, but I take pride in my ability to get things done quickly and at top quality.

Payment for music work or home studio can be paid by Square, for which I will have a credit card reader or I can have Square send you an invoice, or I can take a check. Paypal would charge extra if I added these as items to purchase, so I'd rather not do it through Paypal, which will also take a relatively large percentage. If you choose Paypal, I will generate an invoice and send it to you to pay, that way I can avoid creating a "Paypal Shopping Cart" which they charge extra for, but this will be no extra inconvenience for you. Also, if you send the money via Paypal and check the box marked "This Is A Gift" then it won't take out the fee, that would be much appreciated. You can also just click the Paypal button below and it will take care of everything, and the price is higher than $900 because it includes sales tax...I wish I didn't have to charge for that, but the law says I do. Thanks!