Z87 Voice Samples:

Below, find streaming quality samples. Not in any particular order. Or press the link to the left to hear full quality audio files (you have to download them). All audio was done with the default (built in) preamps, with no EQ, compression, or de-essing. So, what you here is purely generated by the microphone and is not done with any studio magic. They are all world-class narrators and were instructed to keep an equal distance from each mic as best as they could.

All raw audio, matched so that each comparison is equal in volume to eliminate the automatic "louder is better" bias that is in all human brains.

Clips 17 and 18 are the talented Macleod Andrews, using it at his home studio (so there is no A/B with a real U87), but you can really hear the range that this mic works on…from his low pitched gravelly voice to various higher pitched voices, they all sound pretty good through this mic, and he is only using an mbox as an input in his closet booth…so it is more meant to show you the range that this mic can do when not in a pro studio.

I think you will be pleased and hope you enjoy the samples. You can hear the music related samples here.

  • Ramon De Ocampo Industry Standard Mic3:37
  • Ramon De Ocampo Z873:37
  • Lauren Irwin Industry Standard Mic0:47
  • Lauren Irwin Z870:47
  • Jack Garrett Industry Standard Mic0:30
  • Jack Garrett Z870:30
  • Julia Whelan Industry Standard Mic0:49
  • Julia Whelan Z870:49
  • Kate Reinders Industry Standard Mic0:39
  • Kate Reinders Z870:39
  • Emily Eiden Industry Standard Mic0:40
  • Emily Eiden Z870:40
  • Adam Conner Industry Standard Mic0:39
  • Adam Conner Z870:39
  • Erik Davies Industry Standard1:52
  • Erik Davies Z871:52
  • Macleod Andrews Lower Pitch3:05
  • Macleod Higher Pitch5:04