The Z87 Microphone:


The Z87 microphone is meant to be a significantly cheaper alternative to the industry standard German microphone with a similar name. But I have improved the character of the mic in ways that are very pleasing. There is a better low-end response, which "brings that chocolate to my voice" as one narrator said it. And I think that is an accurate description. On the high-end, it has been designed to have a very similar amount of presence and airiness, but the circuit is designed to roll off some of the harshness of the mic it is modeled after and I have also chosen to soften the sibilance response, because I have noticed that on EVERY single recording of the voice that I have done with the German mic required quite a lot of de-essing, which will be much less of a problem on my mic. So please, take a listen to the voiceover samples using the link above or below (a sub-menu of the "Z87 Microphones" link.) Also, if you are interested in using it for music, there are sound samples of instruments where you would usually use that German mic, and I don't mean to brag, but they sound pretty darned good (I've also gotten a lot of positive feedback about using it for acoustic guitar, which I don't yet have a sample of, but hope to add in the near future. I don't own any great sounding acoustic guitars that would do the mic justice, but hope to get someone with such a guitar to record something for me to post as a demo to show how it captures a warm sound, but the high-pass filter keeps it from sounding boomy, but also gets all of the detail and nuances in the high-end, without sounding harsh). Also included on the sound sample pages is a link button on the left side of the screen to allow you to download full quality .wav files if you don't want to hear the quality-reduced mp3 versions of the sounds. Find out more about why you want the Z87 microphone.


Check out sound Z87 compared to the industry standard for VO sound samples here. Check out the Z87 in musical recordings here.


See images of the Z87here.


I feel confident that I have a good product here and I have a strong feeling that you will be pleased, should you choose to purchase one. That is why I am putting in the effort of learning website design and got signed up to accept different forms of payment. Also, if you need to, we can discuss payment plans. I am a pretty flexible guy and want to get my mic out into the world, so contact me if you're interested, but can't quite come up with all of the money in one go. Purchase the Z87 microphone here.


Know that lots of love and attention goes into each and every mic I create. I am careful about every solder joint, only use the highest quality components (audiophile quality) including resistors with very low tolerances and the very best high-end capacitors, all of which results in a mic that sounds great, will last a long time, and will make a valuable addition to your mic collection or, in some situations, may be the only mic you'll ever need.


You can find warranty info here. And here is a link to care instructions

But, as they say in infomercials, "don't take my word for it!" Read testimonials here. These are from some very well respected narrators in the audiobook industry and have won many awards, so their word is worth something.


Also, I can build customized modifications to suit your needs. Over the six months of testing and developing the mic, I found ways to add low-end or reduce high-end, and can also remove the high-pass filter if you think you may end up using it on bass instruments. I can also add in a subtle high-shelving reduction if you are worried about the mic being too bright, but I think the high-end is very sweet and never harsh (unlike the competing mic), so you likely won't need this mod...but just so you know, it is an option.