Z87 Music Samples:

Here are recordings of music done with the Z87. Notice the crispness and the definition…you can hear every note that the guitar plays and every time the drummer hits a piece of the kit, and the vocals have that "presence" and "air" without being overly strident or sibilant, as well as having "warmth" and "body" and all of these characteristics are what people usually aim to get when MIXING a vocal…but with this mic, you've got it at the recording stage. So come mix time, you are not going to need to be correcting for problems created during the recording process by using microphones that were not designed so well.

They are all entirely unprocessed and raw, for the rough mix of the songs (soon to come) I used some simple compressors that are designed to be clean and not impart any character, only the default Pro Tools compressors are used, so you really only hear what the mic sounds like and not what the vintage compressor emulator sounds like. No plugin EQ is used at all. Also, I will ONLY use the tracks that were recorded with my mics…the point is to let you hear what my mic will do, not what was captured through other mics with mine mixed in.

Notice also how the stereo image of the drums is enhanced and takes on a 3D quality due to the amount of detail and nuance being captured.

The guitars have a lot of body and are thick and ready to be mixed with minimal fuss.

The vocals required just a bit of compression (again, I used the most basic and clean compressor available) because the singer is very dynamic. The performance really pops out of the speakers with the depth that the microphone captures in the voice. Now imagine it with your favorite plugin compressor that emulates hardware transformers or tubes, and you know these vocals are going to be mixed in no time at all.

Also, the mic comes with a high-pass filter, but I can custom build you one (or more) without the filter, should you wish to use it for piano, bass guitar, or kick drum or some other bassy instrument. Also, I can custom build it with a very gradual high-shelving reduction, which starts around 800 Hz and goes up past 20 KHz. It is a very, very smooth filter and can help take some nasality and brightness out, if you have a very bright/sibilant voice.

  • Crawl Back Drum Overhead3:14
  • Crawl Back Electric Guitars3:25
  • Crawl Back Vocals3:03
  • Groce Vocals3:29
  • Groce Electric Guitar3:55
  • Groce Drum Overhead3:36